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Cheese has a concentration of opiate compounds called casomorphins which strengthens the bond between mother cow and calf. But beyond its addictive properties, cheese can promote several forms of cancer and other illnesses, according to a growing body of scientific and nutritional research.

If you have a cheese addiction and you are serious about overcoming it, take these three basic steps:






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Why is cheese made from animals so addictive by Colleen Patrick - Goudreau.

Cheese is extremely difficult to stop eating because the main protein in it, casein, actually works like the opiate morphine in our bodies. We crave it, we love it, and we think we cannot live with out cheese.

Most people think it would be fine to eat cheese for the rest of their lives because they know it is loaded with calcium and protein, and while they probably don’t think it is health food, they think it is fine for their bodies.

What they do not know is that cheese is actually linked to very serious illnesses like certain cancers, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, Parkinsons disease, multiple sclerosis, asthma, allergies, arthritis, and many others. Cheese is making us sick, fat, and lethargic.

Once you learn the tricks to quitting cheese, you will lose weight, feel more energetic, and be free of the toxins that used to inhabit your body. Cut the Cheese is my guide to quitting cheese and feeling great.

Through my experience, I have developed some amazing substitutes for the cheesy dishes we all grew up loving. If you can learn to make your favorite cheese dishes without cheese, the next time we have a craving for something cheesy, you can throw a few things together and end up with an awesome substitute. My Top 12 Best Vegan Cheese Recipes include Grilled White Bean Quesadillas, Mushroom Spinach Lasagna, Perfect Vegan Parmesan Cheese, Nutritional Yeast Nacho Cheese Sauce, Kwik Mac-N-Cheese, Fancy Cashew Cheese for Crackers, Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Old-Fashioned Vegan Macaroni and Cheese, Broccoli and Cheddar Soup, Elegant French Onion Soup, Vegan Fondue, and NY Style Vegan Cheesecake.

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1. Get informed about the adverse health effects of eating cheese, as well as the enormously negative impact of the dairy industry on our planet and of course the toll on the bovine mothers (exploited for their mammary gland secretions) and the tragic fate of their offspring.

2. Learn about non-dairy alternatives to milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, and ice cream. There are plenty of ways to get your cravings for rich and creamy satisfied without cheese and dairy.

3. Break the addiction. Go on a dairy fast for three weeks at the least. Your taste buds will change, and you will find the craving greatly weakened or even gone! You will still have a taste for creamy, rich and fatty foods in your diet, but at this point, you will have learned to satisfy them with healthier foods from plants instead of animals.


Addressing the blocks and debunking the myths that keep people from making changes.


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